Rodman 30

Overall Length with Platform 9,30
Length of Hull 8,77m
Beam 3,05m
Max. draft 0,65m
Fuel Tank 460 L
Fresh water tank 100 L
Engine specifications 2 x 200 cv
Top Speed 30 knots
Max Displacement 6,3 T

Rodman 38

Overall Length with Platform 11,76m
Length of Hull 11,20m
Beam 3,85m
Max. draft 0,65m
Engine Specifications
2 Volvo KAMD-300 EDC HS 63AE - 2x285 CV (2x210 kw)
2 Volvo D6-310 2x310 CV (2x228 kw)
2 Volvo TAMD-63P IRM 220A - 2x370 CV (2x272 kw)
2 Yanmar 6LYA-STP - 2x370 CV (2x272 kw)

Rodman 41
Overall Length with Platform 13,67m
Length of Hull 11,98m
Beam 4,20m
Headroom 4,40m
Max. draft 0,85m
Displacement 11,9 T
Fuel Tank 2 x 650 L
Fresh water tank 2 x 210 L
Staterooms 3
Heads 2
Engine Specifications
2 Volvo TAMD-63P IRM 220A-2x370CV (2x272kw)
2 Volvo TAMD-74L EDC TD 5075 AE-2x430CV (2x316kw)
2 Volvo TAMD-75P EDC TD 5075 AE-2x480CV (2x353kw)
2 Yanmar 6LYA-STP-2x370CV (2x272kw)
2 Yanmar 6LY2A-STP, TD-MG 5061-2x440CV (2x324kw)
2 Caterpillar 3126 B-2x420CV (2x309kw)
2 Caterpillar 3126 B-2x450CV (2x331kw

Rodman 56

Overall Length with Platform 17,36m
Length of Hull 16,98m
Beam 4,90m
Max. draft 0,80m
Engine Specifications
2 Caterpillar 3196 2x660 CV (2x485 kw)
2 Caterpilar C-12 2x700 CV (2x515 kw)
2 Cummins QS M11 2x635 CV (2x467 kw)
2 MAN 2876 LE 401 2x700 CV (2x515 kw)
2 Volvo D12 2x615 CV (2x452 kw)
2 Volvo D12 2x715 CV (2x526 kw)

Rodman 64
Overall Length with Platform 19,64m
Beam 5,05m
Max. draft 1,51m
Displacement 30 tm
Fuel Tank 4200 L
Fresh water tank 800 L
Max Speed 30 knots
Autonomy 450 M.N.
Design Echenique/Rodman
Engine Specifications
2 MAN D2840 LE403 2x1050 CV (2x772 kw)

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